Nurse at home Services

Many patients are reluctant to stay in hospital longer than neeeded. Some also prefer a home enviroment than the walls and chatter and chaos of hospital premises. Nursing facilities at home addresses these needs of the patient to ensure they recover in the conformt of their homes.

We provide at home nursing services for patient of Cancer, Parkinson’s, Stroke/ Paralysis, Ageing, post surgery care, Alzheimer’s/ Dementia, etc. who are in basic need of care in recovering or managing their daily chores.

The service is designed to meet the need of aging, ailing and incapacitated persons to ensure all round care under the steady observation of our Nurses. The nurses are also responsible for coordinating with attending/consulting physicians of the patient to make sure all medical prescription and advice of the physician is followed without fail.

Nursing services provided are as follows:

Basic care - Care Giver

Palliative Care

Tracheostomy Care
Geriatric Nursing
Critical Care Nursing

Post-surgery recovery nursing

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