Maya Health started when few friends– medical doctors and public health expert – one day brainstormed on the idea about bringing quality ‘home based health care’ solutions to Nepal. It was also a necessity felt by them considering more and more of their elderly family members suffered the discomfort of age and quality home healthcare services were still non-existent in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In the following months these professionals envisioned a system that ensured aging, ailing or incapacitated persons had access to top quality health care in the convenience of their homes while their loved ones felt comfortable enough and could devote time on their (patient) other needs. MAYA HEALTH was founded soon after!

Today, Maya Health has entered the health sector as a provider of specialized home based health care solutions. A service provider that is at pace with the current digitized world - having introduced MAYA HEALTH App. in their services as well. Led and guided by a team of top doctors in Nepal, Maya Health is committed to provide a holistic care at home, customized to the unique needs of every client, through trained MAYA health care providers.